Salamat Afarin Maisa

Maisa is a company operating in the field of cosmetic product distribution and retail sales in Iran. Benefiting from the valuable experience of its managers and staff in this industry, Maisa offers services to various suppliers in the cosmetics industry.
Maisa’s main mission is to meet the needs of its suppliers in the field of sales of beauty, health, and hair/ skin-care products. Maisa strives to meet the diverse needs of stores and pharmacies across the country using the diverse product range provided for Maisa’s sales department.

Maisa and Fankam

Fankam Group is always looking to boost its value chain in the cosmetic products industry. To this aim, Salamat Afarin Maisa Company was established so that Fankam Group could have a prominent position in the field of retail sales of cosmetics and health-related products in stores and pharmacies all over Iran. This way, it can play a pivotal role in improving the quality of the distribution industry in the area of cosmetic products, in addition to selling the products of subsidiaries of Fankam Holding.

Maisa’s Products

The portfolio of Maisa Distribution’s current products includes but is not limited to Elio, Healtheory, Granville, Cyspersa, Brightmax, Cicalderm, and MakeupOne.