Setayesh Distribution Company began its activities in the year 2021 in Tehran Province. This distribution company has branches for sales and distribution in Tehran, Alborz, Khuzestan, East Azerbaijan, and West Azerbaijan provinces. Additionally, its products are available to customers through representatives in several provinces such as Fars, Isfahan, Mazandaran, and others. Tehran's distribution units, with two separate branches (West and East Tehran), are responsible for covering over 13,000 retail outlets in Tehran and its suburbs. Sales in these areas are managed separately by Tehran's sales units, focusing on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Setayesh Company, utilizing the experience of competent managers and its well-defined development plans, is also active in the distribution of products under contract with chain stores. One of the distinguishing features of this company compared to its competitors is providing realistic marketing programs to companies based on sales data, utilizing independent transportation fleets, and establishing continuous communication between company experts and customers.

Setayesh and FANKAM

Due to the expansion of the subsidiaries of FANKAM Group in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, FANKAM decided to specialize in the distribution of products in this industry. Feeling the need for a specialized distribution company, FANKAM was in search of a powerful and experienced distribution company. Therefore, after extensive research and efforts, the decision was made to establish the Setayesh Distribution Company. FANKAM Group, with its experienced and skilled team, works alongside Setayesh Distribution Company and supports its activities.

What does Setayesh's product range include?

Setayesh Distribution covers brands such as Vivian, Vatika, Refah Lahijan, Samira, Gelan, Pakarin, Salehi, Beauty, Homeland, Rosal.

Contact information for Setayesh:

Address: Unit 2, Ground Floor, Yas Building, No. 25, 10th Street, Beyhaqi Avenue, Argentina-Saee, Tehran.