Khanoumi provides the opportunity to choose the best products from a comprehensive collection of top Iranian and international brands through its online platform. Additionally, with its unique services, it simplifies and speeds up the purchasing process. One of Khanoumi's distinguishing features is that it directly sources all its products from authorized manufacturers and brings them to the market. Khanoumi ensures the authenticity, pricing, and expiration dates of the products are guaranteed. Since its establishment in 2014, Khanoumi has been the first online store for cosmetics and personal care products in Iran, collaborating with over 1000 renowned brands in industry.

Khanoumi and FANKAM

In its path of growth and development, FANKAM Group pays close attention to global markets and the latest trends worldwide. Recognizing the significance of online stores for cosmetics and personal care products worldwide, as well as the immense potential of the Iranian market in this domain, FANKAM has decided to partner with the online shop Khanoumi. By leveraging its resources and combining them with the expertise of the strong and dedicated FANKAM team, the aim is to accelerate the expansion of this online shop. The FANKAM Group provides guidance and oversight to the popular Khanoumi collection, assisting it in achieving its objectives.

What products does Khanoumi offer?

Khanoumi offers a wide range of products including cosmetics, hair care, perfumes, mother and baby care products, personal hygiene items, skincare products, and men's grooming essentials.

Contact information for Khanoumi

Phone Number: +98 21 7918 6000 Email: Website: Address: Unit 3, 12th Floor, Kian Tower, Naseri Street, Near Naiyesh, Vali-e-Asr Avenue, Tehran, Iran.