Diar Nami-e-Atarsazan-e-Kian

The retail industry is directly connected to the end consumer and its importance is felt more as the population increases. In the field of perfumes and colognes, the retail industry manifests itself through chain stores at the city and provincial levels, as well as through exclusive online stores. ​​Diar Nami-e-Atarsazan-e-Kian, in the realm of perfume production, is engaged in offering aromatic products, both individual and environmental fragrances, to the market. Diar Nami has established its focus in its stores on "fragrance-based products."

To create an opportunity for middle-class individuals to indulge in perfumery, ​​Diar Nami-e-Atarsazan-e-Kian has stepped into the realm of the retail industry. Honest speech and conduct, likeable products, maintaining unity, creating a delightful experience to uphold the customers' dignity, and fostering a sense of belonging among the middle-class community are the fundamental values and guiding principles of this company.

Diar Nami-e-Atarsazan-e-Kian and FANKAM

From the beginning of its journey in the cosmetics and personal care sector, it has been one of the attractive areas for FANKAM to operate in. This attractiveness could be attributed to the gap in high-quality domestic products. That is precisely why FANKAM has a special collaboration with Diar-e-nami. This collaboration takes place in various areas such as finance, human resources, systems and processes, planning, commerce, legal affairs, research and development, as well as product design and development.

What are the products of Diar Nami?

Diar Nami primarily focuses on fragrances, air fresheners, and scented candles as its main product offerings.