ATKO is a trading company in the FMCG industry with a diverse range of brands, based on factory-less manufacturing. The strategy of factory-less manufacturingmeans formulating and using a system through which various and diverse products can be produced utilizing the potential capacities of other production units without establishing a factory.

As an active company in the FMCG industry, ATKO, in line with its brand strategy and product portfolio, collaborates with active manufacturers nationwide to achieve significant regional impact by combining its marketing and sales expertise with the production capacity of factories with available capacity.

ATKO produces variety of products in the fields of polymers, hair care, oral care and dental hygiene, accessories, and more.


Utilizing domestic production capacity is one of the aims behind the FANKAM Group formation. For this reason, to achieve this goal, the factory-less manufacturingproduction business model was examined and implemented in one of FANKAM's specialized fields, which is the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. ATKO is a trading company that seeks to leverage the dormant capacities of various factories to utilize the country's production potential. FANKAM's notable strengths in marketing and sales contribute to this business model.

FANKAM Group, in collaboration with ATKO, is involved in areas such as planning, research and development, business development, human resources, systems and processes, legalaffairs, sales, and marketing policy.

ATKO Company includes the following brands:

  • In the polymer field: Vivian
  • In hair care: Moonali Sky
  • In dental care: Persica
  • In accessories: Lucky Light

Contact information for ATKO:

Phone number: 02122035601

Address: Unit 1, No. 44, Taheri Street, Nelson Mandela Boulevard, Tehran, Iran.