DNA Beauty

DNA Beauty Company (Danesh Novin Ariya Zibayi) is a joint venture corporation established in 1401 with the investment and participation of group specialists and pioneers of the cosmetics and beauty industry, who have more than three decades experience in this field with impressive and noteworthy services.

Considering the existing restrictions on the import of internationally high-quality cosmetic products to the Iranian market in recent years and the phenomenon of smuggling of these products, the absence of authentic and quality Iranian cosmetic products is very noticeable.

 Saying that, DNA Beauty is focused on activities related to cosmetic products creation and utilizing modern approaches and best practices in trade and digital marketing. DNA Beauty attempts to provide agile services and facilitate the process of building consumer trust based on ethical marketing and humanistic values.

 The core values ​​of DNA Beauty are honesty in communication with the consumers and by means of active listening we anticipate to the needs and demands arising from the market of cosmetics and beauty products and deliver the best we can beyond expectation. The emphasis is on monitoring the quality and authenticity of production, as well as the marketing of products based on honesty and ethics. Consumers are the center of our attention we will try to put trust and accountability at the center of our activities.

DNA Beauty and FANKAM

FANKAM Group, to utilize available capacities and leverage experienced experts in the cosmetics and hygiene industry, has taken steps to establish this collection. By fostering collaboration with other stakeholders and specialists in this field, the group has embarked on this endeavor. The ultimate goal is to create and make accessible high-quality and reputable cosmetic products for our beloved compatriots who deserve the best and highest quality cosmetic products.

Danesh Novin Ariya Zibayi Brands

So Beauty: Luxurious cosmetic products of world-class quality.

Belladona: Authentic and high-quality cosmetic products made from the finest raw materials, formulations, and packaging, competitive with reputable global products.

MakeupONE: High-quality makeup products at an affordable price, tailored to the younger generation's taste.

Acrobat: Specialized nail products with a wide range of options and trendy colors.