Milan Chasb Adhesives

Milan Chasb, an international trade company, was established in 1399 to manufacture and expand products in industrial adhesives and insulation. Today, Milan Chasb equipped with modern machinery and an up-to-date research and development laboratory, it has become one of the most advanced factories in the adhesive and insulation industry.

Milan Chasb is a science-based company that relies on cutting-edge science and utilizes specialized experts to offer unique and specialized products in the polymer industry. The company's main focus is on pressure-sensitive rubber adhesives used in sealants, sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Milan Chasb and FANKAM

 "Growth is our strategy” is FANKAM’s slogan. Considering FANKAM Group's commitment to the mentioned values, they intelligently and meticulously observed industries and identify disruptions in the supply of adhesives and insulation in many industries due to multiple sanctions.

Taking into account their production capacity and social responsibility, they took a step forward in this field. Therefore, by establishing the Milan factory and producing industrial adhesives and rubber insulation, they aimed to assist in simplifying the production processes in various industries. Up to now, some of Milan's operational matters have been entrusted to the FANKAM Group, and FANKAM is making its best efforts to achieve this important goal.

What are the products?

Milan adhesive products are used in industries such as automotive, oil and gas, household appliances, and construction. Milan Chasb offers products such as rubber compounds, butyl adhesives, cut butyl adhesives, and more.

Contact information for Milan Chasb:

Phone: 02122035601

Address: No. 220, Mordad Street, Safadasht Industrial City, Safadasht, Iran.