Inauguration Event Held for Introduction of Managing Director of Setayesh Distribution Company

We would like to notify the community of Fankam including the clients and colleagues that an inauguration event was held at the Fankam Corporate Office on 25 June 2023. The ceremony aimed to officially announce the managerial changes happening in Setayesh Distribution Company with managers and members of the board of directors present.

Mr. Saied Delfani was appointed the managing director of Setayesh Company at the ceremony. Mr. Shameli was acknowledged and appreciated as the person previously taking up this position. Mr. Mehrtash Shameli, the former CEO of Setayesh Company, resigned from the position of CEO at this company aiming to start a new business. From now on, he will continue cooperation with Fankam Group as a shareholder and member of the board of directors. He intends to operate in the field of cold storage warehouses relying on his expertise and experience. We wish him success and a promising future in the new direction he has taken.

As a result, Fankam Group and Setayesh Company will be honored to be cooperating with Mr. Saied Delfani in the said career position. It is hoped that we set foot on the path of success with his competent management practices and the extensive experience he will bring.

We wish you all the best of luck

Fankam Public Relations Department 

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